Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX

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Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX

Every house with an air conditioning unit has air ducts. They are responsible for carrying and distributing both hot and cold air throughout the house. However, since they are usually hidden, not many people pay attention to them until something happens. Since air ducts are rarely disturbed by people, they can last for a long time without being checked or cleaned. However, over time, things start to collect in the ducts. It can be dust, dead insects, rodent droppings and so much more. With these foreign bodies in the air ducts, you find that the HVAC system will tend to spread all these materials around the house. As such, you need an air duct cleaning professional to handle this problem. Although you might want to do it yourself, at Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX we have the right machines to get the job done.

Air duct cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX

Given how important these air ducts are to us, they are sometimes beyond repair. That might be due to loose connections, holes by rodents or gaps. For this reason they need to be replaced. Air duct replacement is not a DIY job. It dictates that the technician also be familiar with HVAC systems so that diagnostics can be done ensuring everything is working as supposed to. Replacing air ducts can be a tedious process because of the many connections. However, replacing the bad air ducts is important because it reduces the load on the HVAC meaning lesser utility fees. When we perform the replacement, we use the best quality air ducts possible to provide you with the longest lasting ones.

Fireplace and chimney cleaning in Webster, TX

In America today, many people still rely on the power of fire to keep them warm during the coldest of seasons. Although people have air conditioning units regulating the heat of the house, a fireplace is still an excellent source of heat for the room. Unlike fireplaces in apartment buildings that don’t use fossil fuels, normal ones still use firewood and logs. Over time, soot collects in the chimney which is usually flammable. For this reason, chimneys and fireplaces cleaning need to be done at least once. If left to its own devices, the chimney and fireplace becomes less functional and also place you and your family at risk of a fire. At Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX, we have scrubbed and cleaned all sorts of chimneys and fireplaces. We ensure that your chimney has no soot and ready for your next fire.

Tile, Floor and Grout cleaning

When moving to a new space, one of the most attractive features is definitely the floors. New floors and tiles have a certain shine to them that make the home that much more attractive. With clean tiles, the space usually looks classy. However, with time, these floors and tiles get stained and collect a lot of dirt which can stick on their surfaces even when cleaned conventionally. For example, because of the water, body fat and other factors, tiles in bathroom usually change color. Although conventional cleaning sometimes does the trick, you need something better equipped to really scrub those surfaces. At Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX, we have dedicated ourselves in proving our clients the best value for money when it comes to cleaning. Our machines will scrub the floor and tiles till they sparkle.

Carpet Cleaning in Webster, TX

The carpet is one of the earliest form of house decoration since the earliest of days. Because of their different designs and materials, people have come to love carpets a lot. At home, carpets are used to make the home feel warmer with a homey feeling. Instead of big empty spaces on the floor, carpets help cover up that space and so much more. However, due to their materials and thick nature, carpets tend to collect dirt and other foreign materials over time. To handle the dirt, people usually vacuum and leave it at that. Although vacuuming is great, the carpet needs to be properly cleaned every now and then. This extends the life of the carpet and also helps to keep your family healthy. 

At Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Webster, TX, we have a variety of high pressure machines capable of cleaning the carpet deep down to its fibers. However, this sort of cleaning shouldn’t be come too much as it might destroy the carpet.

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