Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Cloverleaf, TX

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Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Cloverleaf, TX

Air ducts at home are usually hidden from sight unless you live in an open space loft where you can see them. For this reason, not many people ever think about them unless they know there is a problem. Cleaning air ducts is crucial for the continued health of anyone living in a home using HVAC. The ducts are responsible for carrying the hot and cold air to and from the HVAC unit. As such, if it is dirty it will likely spread that dust and dirt all over the house. At Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Cloverleaf, TX, we have been cleaning air ducts for a very long time now. We have special tools which can get hold of any dirt and foreign materials stuck in the air ducts.

Air duct Cleaning & replacement in Cloverleaf, TX

If the air ducts are too damaged to be repaired, then the home owner is left absent choice but to replace the air ducts as soon as possible. Replacing the air ducts is not quite an easy job. All the parts that need to be replaced must carefully be detached from the rest of the system so that the replacement can be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes, the air ducts develop holes, gaps and lose connections. When they aren’t rectified, you will soon notice that some utility bills get higher as the system compensates for the lost air. If the problems are left unattended, the HVAC system will start getting problems that would otherwise be avoidable. Fixing the HVAC unit might end up being a lot more expensive than a simple Air duct Cleaning & replacement in Cloverleaf, TX.

Fireplace and chimney cleaning in Cloverleaf, TX

Most homes today, especially apartments, have an artificial fireplace which doesn’t use real fire to give heat. However, in some homes, they like to keep things traditional with an actual fireplace which utilizes actual logs and firewood. Not only do these fireplaces have an extra aesthetic edge, but they also help to keep those in the room warm in the colder nights. In itself, small amounts of soot represent no danger to the house. However, over time the soot collects and itself can get flammable. This makes it a danger to those in the house since if it catches fire, it might burn the house down resulting to loss of property and even life. As such, getting the fireplace and chimney cleaned on a regular basis is important. Since it takes a while for soot to collect, you can choose to clean the chimney and fireplace annually.

Tile, Floor and Grout cleaning in Cloverleaf, TX

When the floors and tiles are new, they look so good because of their clean, sparkly nature. However, over time if the floors and tiles don’t receive the care they need such as good scrubbing when cleaning, they lose that shine and even get dull sometimes. Tiles and floors are crucial to the home’s beauty. Most people view this as a DIY project which it can be. However, when you call in the professionals such as ourselves at Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Cloverleaf, TX, we come with special gear. Since this is part of our business, we have the most advanced tile and floor cleaning technologies around. Using these machines, we go to work on the floor and tiles. Within a few hours, you will clearly see the difference. The tiles and floor get a lot cleaner and brighter.

Carpet Cleaning in Cloverleaf, TX

Carpets are one of the most loved home decorations the world over. Carpets are used both functionally and aesthetically in a home. Given the material and nature, carpets tend to make a place warmer. Especially in places where temperatures are low, they help keep your feet from barefoot walks on the cold floor. The different interesting designs each mat has is usually what draws the client in. as such, a carpet is a beautiful addition to the home space. With our special machines, we are able to get girt off individual fabrics of the carpet. This means even the worst type of dirt can be removed.  Regardless of the material, we will take extra good care of the carpet at Healthy Air Duct Cleaning & Replacement in Cloverleaf, TX.

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