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Houston Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are a crucial aspect of the home. That’s basically because they are responsible for the heating and cooling of the home, and also the air quality in the whole premises. Just like everything else, air ducts need maintenance to keep working at their very best and providing you with the best value for your money. Air ducts need to be cleaned occasionally because even though air is constantly moving through them, other things also might call the ducts home. Some of these include vermin such as mice and rats, cockroaches and other insects. That means that over time, they will cause the people in the premises health issues. If you need Houston air duct cleaning service, Healthy Air Duct, Houston is the best option. Check out our exclusive ratings on Yelp and ascertain our level of quality, customer satisfaction, and service delivery.

You should consider getting your air ducts cleaned if;

There is visible mold growth on the air ducts or other points of your heating and cooling system. Since mold spreads and grows, every aspect needs to be inspected. When dealing with HVAC systems you need to understand that much of it is not visible for inspection and much need specialist tools to reach. Mold is a health risk for everyone living in the premises. It can cause asthma attacks, respiratory issues among others.

If you see droppings or insect shells in the openings. Since vermin droppings have a bad odor, over time you will find there is an ever present stench in your home which is not ideal for anyone or good for their health.

If the ducts are blocked from all the excess amounts of particles and debris in the ducts. That will mean that the quality of air in the house will drop sharply.

At Healthy Air Duct, Houston, we strive for excellence in serving our clients and making sure that we deliver everything we promise and more. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have received their certifications in HVAC maintenance and repairs. Apart from that, we are fully insured so that should anything unfortunate happen during our time there, you are fully covered.

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What Entails Our Houston air duct cleaning services.

Air duct inspection:

We offer all our prospective clients a free inspection of the air ducts to show they need to be cleaned.


Using our state of the art HEPA-filtered vacuum, we clean your vent covers, blower and furnace evaporator coil to ensure everything is as clean as new.

Compressed air flushing:

After we have loosened up the contaminants in the air ducts, we can the blow compressed air into the ducts so as to flush all the debris out of the ducts and into our vacuum.

Why choose Healthy Air Duct, For Houston air duct cleaning.

We are professionals: when we come into your home, we conduct ourselves in a respectable way. We are also courteous and dedicated.

Fair pricing: apart from having the best air duct cleaning service in Huston, we are also very competitively priced as compared to the competition. With us, you are sure that you get quality work, always.

Before we come to your door

Once you schedule an air duct cleaning, your job is almost through. We will handle all the furniture that need moving to give access to the vents. All you need to do is secure your pets so that we can work.

Once our team arrives, they will inspect the HVAC system in its entirety to have a clear map of how to go about Houston air duct cleaning. It is at this point where we shall get into scrapping debris that has attached itself to the duct walls. After all that, our powerful vacuum catches all of it. If there is some mold infestation, we shall also cover that. You however need to know that if the insulated air ducts are moldy or wet, it cannot be cleaned to satisfaction. As such, replacement is a more efficient option.

Factors that increase the need to regularly clean the HVAC system

Pets: if especially you have pets that shed, you should have your air ducts cleaned more regularly than others.

Occupants with respiratory issues: issues such as asthma or allergies need clean air.

Water contamination or damage: damage to the system might warrant some cleaning. If there has been water contamination, chances of mold infestation rise prolifically.

Home remodeling or renovation: you might choose to remodel your home. This is an excellent way to ensure everything is in top condition.

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