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Home Duct Cleaning

Get A Cleaner Home With home duct cleaning in Houston.

Home Duct Cleaning

Most people don’t usually think about the air ducts running around the house. Although hidden from sight, a home’s air duct is very crucial in the heating, cooling and air purification in a home. Many people look at the air ducts when there is a problem and by then it’s usually very much far-gone. Without properly working air ducts, you will find that your home will not heat up or cool the way you want it to. This means that your utility costs will rise to compensate for the extra effort… at Healthy Air Duct, we focus on home duct cleaning and keeping your home fully functional.

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Just like everything else, air ducts need maintenance to keep working at their very best and providing you with the best value for your money. Air ducts need occasional cleaning because even though air is constantly moving through them, other things also might call the ducts home. Some of these include vermin such as mice and rats, cockroaches and other insects. That means that over time, they will cause the people in the premises health issues.

Why choose us Home Duct cleaning?

Although you might find many companies offering Houston air Duct cleaning services on the market, there are a few things that distinguish us from all of them. These are;

Emergency home duct cleaning: if you have an emergency and require our services, we shall be there very fast. Our response and dedication has unmatching equal in the field.

Fair pricing: apart from having the best air duct cleaning service in Houston, we have very competitive prices unlike the competition. With us, you are sure that you get quality work, always.

Professionalism: when we come into your home, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We also make sure that we do our work to perfection.

Warning signs your ducts need repair and cleaning

Insect and rodent manifestation

If you smell or see any evidence suggesting that insects and rodents are living in your air ducts, you need to check them immediately, clean and repair. Debris from infestations onto your HVAC system will mean that your system’s efficiency will go down. Similarly, the debris and droppings will also pile up to produce some very unpleasant smells in the home or business. Additionally, having shells, husks and insect droppings circulating the air can make you really sick.

Sudden spikes in energy bills

In the home or business, energy bills usually come to a similar ballpark figure if you haven’t had an increase in usage or mechanical issues with the unit. If your energy bills spike suddenly, you need a professional to take a look at your air ducts. You might have a clog or a leak in the system which the professional will work to clean and seal.

Terrible in-air quality

Air quality at home or at work is critical for excellent health and performance. As such, whenever the air ducts have an issue, you will come to feel a shift in indoor air quality if the issue is left without check. When the air ducts have damage, the system will release good air where it’s not supposed to or suck in impurities to contaminate the whole supply.  An air duct repair professional in Houston will quickly be able to fix the problem and also check for additional points of weakness and reinforce them before they come undone.

Dirt around the vents

If you have dirt and debris around the air vents, it means that your air ducts have likely been compromised. In such a case, letting a professional such as ourselves at Healthy Air Duct work on the air ducts will help out a lot in fully checking out the system and fixing the parts that aren’t right to give you a HVAC system performing in top condition.

Having perfectly functional home air ducts is a win all over. Not only do your energy bills even out, but you can also control the temperature and air quality in the entire home. Letting professionals handle the whole issue is crucial in the cleaning success. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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