Take Control of Your Air

Take Control of Your Air

With professional air duct repair services in Katy, TX

Your air ducts filter out a lot of allergens and dust, but some of this debris can cause your ducts to get clogged or tear. This can drastically affect your indoor air quality. Healthy Air Duct, Inc provides complete air duct repair and replacement services throughout Katy, TX. We'll clean and seal off your air ducts and provide indoor air disinfectant services to completely remove allergens from your home.

Our professionals strive to provide you with clean air to breathe. Reach out to us today to learn more about the benefits of air duct replacement services.

Clean air ducts, better breathing

When your air ducts start causing you problems, it's important to call for repairs right away. Healthy Air Duct offers a full suite of air duct services, including:

Air duct cleaning

use specialized brushes to safely clean ducts

Air duct repair

mend tears, clogs and other duct damage

Air duct replacement

change out damaged or old ducts

Air disinfecting

provide disinfectant fogging service for the air

Air duct insulation

replace insulation to maintain climate control

You can get thorough air duct deep cleaning services for just $199 or a basic air duct cleaning for $99. Call 713-447-7707 to schedule your air duct repair or replacement service today.