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Air Duct Replacement Cost

Why Air duct replacement is the smart move.

Air ducts are conventionally used to connect the HVAC system to every room in the house. This will of course help in temperature regulation. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter the degree of energy efficiency the furnace or air conditioning unit is. If the air ducts are damaged, or not working as as they should, keeping your home warm or cool will be more expensive. In fact, research shows that of all the air from a HVAC unit going into the average American house, only 80% of that air makes it out. That means that most households have leaks that need to be corrected as soon as possible. But do you wonder about Air Duct Replacement Cost? Since the HVAC system can be a bit complex, air duct replacement by professionals seems to be the next logical move.

In many if not all forced-air HVAC systems, the ductwork is primarily responsible for air distribution throughout the house. At Healthy Air Duct, we are the best candidate for air duct cleaning in Houston. We ensure that our top of the line professionals take care of the problem once and for all. We have modern equipment to better serve our customers and provide them the best possible service. Not only do we take care of the existing problem, we also do a full check of the HVAC system so that we can make you the property owner aware of them beforehand before they become serious issues. Even more, reducing on the overall Air Duct Replacement Cost.  

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Air Duct Replacement Cost

Signs That Will Lower your Ultimate Air Duct Replacement Cost.

Everything falls apart after enough time has passed and it’s true for ductwork. Although they have a high lifespans of about 15 years, they do tend to break down. In such a case, calling us for Air Duct replacement is the best alternative.

When the HVAC is no longer efficient

As previously stated, even with a proper HVAC, the ducts have a huge role to play. If the ducts are torn or punctured, air might be escaping to other irrelevant places making the HVAC system will be forced to work harder which results in heightened electrical bills.  Having brand new air ducts will work together with the machine to produce the perfect atmosphere.

When the ducts fail a blower test

Consulting a professional about air duct replacement cost will have them send over a representative who will be glad to perform a check to see the extent of the damage. The technician does that using a blower test which shows how much air is leaking from the air ducts.

Noisy central system

If the central system is making noises, there is a high probability the air ducts have been compromised. An expert technician must be brought in to assess the amount of damage and what it will take to fix it.

Poor air quality indoors

A proper HVAC system ensures there is proper circulation of air all over the house. Holds and gaps in your ductwork allows for dust, pollen and other pollutants to enter and circulate the home which can later cause stuffy noses, irritated eyes, asthma and allergies. Mold can also make it through the holds and spread throughout the home. This brings about unpleasant smells which can be dangerous over time.

Inconsistent home temperatures

Your entire house should have a constant even temperature all through the place. If you go you a place and it doesn’t feel as warm as the others, high chances are that you are having some ductwork leaks or unbalanced duct work.

Advantages to having air ducts replaced

Better quality of air: once the ducts have been replaced, everything should be running as new. No more moldy smells, dust or allergens in the air.

Better temperature regulation: if there is no heat loss haring distribution, the house will not struggle to stay warm or cool meaning more comfort at home.

Longer life for the HVAC system: if there is a malfunction or defect to the home’s air ducts, the HVAC system also suffers. The dust and objects pile over time causing the machine to get noisy and unreliable.

Summary on Air Duct Replacement Cost.

Although air ducts are not openly visible in a home, they are a very important part of the home. Air duct replacement cost vary from store to store and states. However, finding the correct company for the job is halfway up the hill. Getting these ducts fixed gives a house a warm homey feeling which is what everyone should look forward to.

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