Live Better in a Cleaner Home

Live Better in a Cleaner Home

Get tile and carpet cleaning services in Katy, TX

No matter how clean you keep your home, allergens, bacteria and dust can still get in. Deep cleaning your home can eliminate harmful contaminants. Healthy Air Duct, Inc provides whole-home cleaning services throughout Katy, TX. This covers everything from furniture disinfecting to deep carpet cleaning.

Our professionals use special cleaning equipment to lift stubborn stains and dirt from all of your home's surfaces. Reach out to Healthy Air Duct today for deep carpet and tile cleaning services.

Sweep your worries away

While dusting and vacuuming go a long way in keeping harmful allergens out of your home, Healthy Air Duct can deep clean your entire home to really blast away germs and dirt. Our home cleaning services include:

Carpet cleaning

We'll steam clean your carpet to pull up deep-down dirt and pollutants and renew the surface

Tile and grout cleaning

We'll brush away caked-on dirt and grime that is discoloring your tile and grout

Upholstery cleaning

We'll steam clean to blast away animal dander, bacteria and dust to refresh your upholstery's appearance

Fireplace and chimney cleaning

We'll sweep and disinfect your entire fireplace and chimney to clear soot

Dryer vent cleaning

We'll remove dust and lint from your dryer vents to prevent a fire

Rest a little more comfortably knowing your family can breathe freely. Call 713-447-7707 to schedule furniture, carpet and tile cleaning services today.